Accountants, Auditors & Advisors 

  • Audits of contracts
  • Risk assessment and internal control surveys
  • Pre-negotiation and overhead audits
  • Assistance in claims
  • Consulting on procurement processes, work control, and monitoring audit resolution
  • Monitoring Federal Aid compliance
  • Railroad, utility, and row project audits
  • Financial audits
  • Assistance with DBE/WBE eligibility/review
  • Assistance with Federal Single Audits
  • Training services

  • Audits of capital projects  
  • Passenger facility charge revenue and construction audits  
  • Construction project documentation review 
  • FBO and concession audits  

  • Federal Single Audits  

Railroad / Utilities:

  • Federal/state project audits 
  • Compliance reviews (23 CFR)
  • Labor and overhead rate analysis and audits

  • Revenue audits and risk assessments  
  • Capital construction audits  
  • Equipment acquisition audits  
  • Federal Single Audits and FTA reporting  
  • Contract service and procurement audits  
  • Consulting on federal cost principles 
  • Reasonable Compensation Studies
  • Form I-9 Compliance Audits
  • Federal cost principle overhead rate audits  
  • Sub-consultant contract monitoring 
  • Assistance with audit resolution  
  • Consulting on procurement and payment resolution issues 
  • Internal control assessments
  • Training services
  • Reasonable Compensation Analyses
  • Assistance with negotiating, accounting and establishing controls and reporting for government contracts
  • Assistance responding to government audit findings
  • Assistance completing prescribed forms in the contracting process such as internal control questionnaires, cost derivations and indirect cost rate schedules
  • Pre-audit review of accounting systems and procedures for government contracts
  • Assistance with Federal Cost Principles  
  • Technical specialist services  
  • Training services

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